CSAT Number System Module

Since UPSC always takes care of the diversified background of the students so they are giving more emphasis on this topic since everyone is taught about numbers, their types and basic properties. These days approx. 20% of CSAT test Series paper comprises only number system’s questions, so from this topic we can get maximum marks in minimum efforts.
To help our students, we have designed a 35 hours exhaustive course of number system, where all the concepts have been discussed in 12 lectures and once the concept part is over we have covered all the doubts from our practice book along with PYQs of last 15 years. Moreover, additional questions also provided from various other competitive examinations.

Admissions are going on for CSAT 2024

CSAT Number System Module

Course Highlights:
  • 35 Hours Recorded Programme.
  • 12 concept videos.
  • 10 doubt sessions.
  • Comprehensive Study Material.
  • Topic-wise segregation of questions.
  • Last 15 years CSAT PYQs.
  • 500+ Practice questions.
  • Additional questions from other competitive examinations.
  • Sectional Test included.

Key Attributes:
  • No need for prior knowledge - The program starts absolutely with basics.
  • No use of formulae - Complete focus on your thought process and problem-solving approach rather than formula-based learning.
  • No need to refer to any other book – Just attend the classes and revise thoroughly.
  • Last but not least, we build confidence, hope, and courage to clear CSAT.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    • What is the total duration of the course?
      Total duration of the course is approx. 35+ hours.
    • How many times can I access the classes?
      Double access is granted to every student for the entire course.
    • What is double access?
      Double access allows you to access the entire course twice, for example the duration of the course is 35 hours but the course will be assigned to you for 70 hrs and you may utilize these 70 hours as per your convenience till the validity of the course.
    • Till when the online access is valid?
      Online access is valid till upcoming UPSC CSE Prelims Exam.
    • Medium of communication is English or Hindi?
      Medium of communication is English with a bit of Hindi.
    • Will online student be able to ask the doubts?
      Video doubt session of every topic is given with the course. Still if a student has any doubt, he/she can give us a call as an on call doubt solving facility is also available.
    • How will I get the Study Material?
      Study Material will be sent to you by courier.
    • Are the class notes sufficient or some additional material is also needed?
      Class notes along with the assignments and previous year's papers are sufficient to qualify for CSAT Paper 2.
    • Is Sectional Test included in this program?
      Yes, Sectional Tests are included in this program.


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    • Classification of numbers
    • Properties of numbers
    • Summation ‘n’ 
    • Cyclicity (unit digit)
    • Exponents (Number of zeros)
    • Divisibility
    • Remainder theorem
    • LCM and HCF
    • Factors

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