UPSC CSAT Test Series 2024 (Comprehensive)

Paper II of the Prelims, or the CSAT Test Series, is often taken lightly by students due to its qualifying nature. However, given the recent trends, this paper also requires reasonable preparation. A CSAT Test Series encourages you to exert the necessary effort so that you can sail through it.

Program Objective:

Many toppers recommend adopting a test-based learning approach once the aspirant attains conceptual clarity. It refers to an approach wherein you just solve mock tests and then analyze them well, learning from the questions that you have answered wrong. It is an excellent way to assess your strengths and weaknesses as well as your accuracy and level of preparation. Through the test series, the aspirant understands time management, and the types of questions to attempt in the final UPSC CSAT Coaching in Delhi examination.

CSAT Test Series 2024

Test Series Highlights:

♦ Detailed performance analysis of every test.

♦ Once the slot is open, tests can be taken at any time.

♦ Questions strictly based upon the latest pattern of the UPSC CSAT Test Series.

♦ Student-friendly solutions as per the need of the hour.

♦ Thinking-based solution approach rather than a formula-based approach.

Prioritising short and easy questions over tough questions has been explained.

The demand for the test paper has been addressed properly.

Maximize your output in less time.

Complete coverage of syllabus.

Closely aligned to recent UPSC trends.

Personalized attention to every aspirant.

Our interactive post-test analysis will continuously improve aspirants' performance.

Even after completing the test series, doubts will be answered till UPSC Prelims.

Last but not least, we build confidence, hope, and courage to clear the CSAT.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    • If I am a student of the foundation program do I need to buy the Test Series separately ?
      No, Test Series is included in the foundation program.

    • Can I come to the center to take the offline test?
      Yes anyone can come to the centre (Old Rajinder Nagar) to take the test.

    • Can I download the test from the portal?
      Yes you may download the test.

      • Medium of test paper is English or Hindi?
        Medium of test paper is English only.

      • Can I attempt the Test Paper as per my availability, is it time flexible?
        Yes, it is time flexible you may attempt the Test Paper asper your availability, but it would not be considered for All India Ranking.

      • Video solutions are available for all the questions or not?
        No video solutions, only PDF explanations are available.

      • Till when the CSAT Test Series is valid?
        CSAT Test Series is valid till 27th May 2025.
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